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Savoury Pastries as Corporate Catering in Melbourne

Cakes and pastries are things, which everyone loves.  Your next winter corporate party should consist of these sweets, which come in numerous shapes and sizes.  Catering Melbourne designs their cakes and pastries according to your individual needs.  Savory pastries are great options in serving at your next winter office party for your employees.

Catering Melbourne can provide your office party with varied flavors served hot or cold.  Do not forget the frosting for these delectable treats.  Catering Melbourne offers only the best ingredients for their pies, cakes and pastries.

Catering Melbourne would like to suggest utilizing miniature cakes for centerpieces at your next corporate party for your employees.  These beautifully designed cakes can spruce up old boring tables at any type of gathering.

When throwing Christmas parties for your corporate employees, keep in mind that savory pastries and pies make wonderful holiday gifts even more so for those with a sweet tooth.  When our savory pastries and pies are given for, gifts Catering Melbourne can beautifully wrap them in cellophane.

Catering Melbourne’s savory pastries and pies make for great gifts to award your employees with for great performance.  Catering Melbourne offers cute boxes, which can be given out to your employees after the party or something, which will enable your employees to remember your creative event.

Catering Melbourne offers Buffet-style cakes, savory pastries and pies, which are already pre-cut and frosted.  Some of the great tasting frostings, which Catering Melbourne offers, are a mix of Mini Chocolate Dipped Cream Puffs and Mini Jam Crumble.  Catering Melbourne also offers Mini Éclairs filled with Cream and Puffs with Strawberry.  As you can see, Catering Melbourne is very much inept with showing your next corporate party a “sweet” time for all to enjoy.

Each mini puff and savory pastries can be served in packs of ten or more.  The mini puffs can also be served with large corporate parties.  Catering Melbourne offers many varieties of individual treats for your employees to enjoy.

Hosting a corporate party for your employees, which consist of sweet variations, enable for less mess to be cleaned up afterwards.  Catering Melbourne offers personalized desserts, which will prove not only cost and time efficient.

For more information on a “sweet” corporate party, please visit Catering Melbourne at

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