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Sandwiches Are Popular in Corporate Catering in Melbourne

You have found yourself in charge of finding a corporate catering company for your corporate event.  If I can give you one great piece of advice in making the corporate catering event successful, it would be finding the corporate catering company, which offers the best sandwich platters. 


People always notice the sandwich platters


For reasons unbeknown to most, people at parties or even corporate events always admire the sandwich platters.  The way these sandwich platters not only look but taste will create a lasting impression with your clients.


You will not know what the attendees of your corporate event will prefer therefore; you will have to rely on your not only intuition but also common sense in choosing the best sandwich platters for your corporate event. 


Plan your menu for majority of attendees but do not forget the “picky” crowd


In planning the selection of your sandwich platters for your corporate event, you will not want to specifically cater to possible attendees who are vegetarians; you primarily want meat for the sandwich platters but with some non-meat sandwiches on the side to appease your attendees.


Primary sandwich platters


For the primary sandwich platters, you should suggest to the corporate catering company sandwiches such as turkey and roast beef.  Turkey with cream cheese drizzled in cranberry sauce and roast beef sandwiches with caramelized onions and tomato combined with a flavorful horseradish sauce to tempt the taste buds.  Sandwich platters such as these suggested will have your attendees coming back not only for seconds but to future corporate catering events hosted by your corporation.


Suggestion of fish sandwich platters


I would suggest fish for the non-meat eaters who might attend your corporate event.  Discuss with the corporate catering event to compile a sandwich platter with fish sandwiches such as Decadent Smoked Salmon with cucumbers and lemon and dill cream sauce.  Have the corporate catering company place on the side of each sandwich platter lightly grilled vegetables with Feta cheese and fresh basil pesto.  This would be appealing to anyone who is not your typical meat-eaters.






Ensure quality sandwich platters


No matter the meats or non-meat dishes you choose for your corporate catering event, ensure they are quality as well as tasteful.  Corporate caterer’s need to understand that you are searching for quality over quantity.  Enlist the help of a corporate caterer in choosing the selections for the sandwich platters. 


Request sample menus and sample the food offered by the corporate catering company


You should request a corporate catering menu, you can view the sandwich platters the corporate catering company offers.  If you do not view what you, want for your corporate event; ask the corporate catering company if they will make the sandwich platters you desire for your corporate event.  Upon choosing, the sandwich platters for your corporate event make sure to sample the corporate catering company’s sandwich platters, if the sandwich platters are to your liking then request a quote from the corporate catering company. 



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